By staying with us at IsleBebytheSea, you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions.  We have set these so our beautiful little hut is looked after, kept running smoothly, and is safe and comfortable for all users.


  •  Arrivals and departures: You can check in between 4pm and 10pm.  Arrival must be within this window.  Sorry but early check in cannot be accepted.  Your host works, but if you state your approx. arrival time, I will make sure I am available at that time if you need me.


  • *If you wish to use either the gym or the hot tub (which is available May – Sept only) you will need an induction first, and will have a short form to sign to agree to terms of use.


  • Please make sure you check out by 10am so we can get the hut and the extra facilities ready for the next guest. Late checkout means we cannot get the accommodation ready for the next guest, so late check out will incur a fee equal to the following days booking.


  • You must leave the accommodation clean, tidy and with all items in situ. We will make a charge for extra cleaning if the property is not left in a satisfactory condition or if items are missing.


  • BREAKAGES, DAMAGE and LOSSES MUST BE PAID FOR AND REPORTED. I’m sad at having to include this, we hoped to rely on honesty and good will, (and most of our lovely guests are great about this.)  But after several incidents of other guests damaging or breaking property and not reporting it, and taking items from the hut, we need to state this. Of course accidents happen, but breakage/damage/loss means we do not have full facilities/ lower quality facilities to give our next guests and we have to buy replacements or organise repair. Breakages/damage/loss payment due will equate to the replacement or repair of item and any loss of booking we incur as a result.


  • Cancellation/No-Show Policy: As per your booking platform (eg,, Air bnb etc..) As these rules are different on different platforms.  When you made your booking through the platform you chose, the cancellation policy was described, and we stick to it 100%.


  • If you chose to book direct with us: We offer free cancellation until 30 days before arrival date.  Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel your booking.  Direct bookings must be paid in full if you cancel your stay at IsleBebytheSea within 30 days of your arrival date or you don’t turn up.  Our cancelation policies are quite standard and we need to stick to them as we have likely turned away other bookings in taking yours, and we are very unlikely to fill a cancelled date at short notice. Therefore we stand by our cancellation policy and strongly recommend insurance.  CANCELLATION POLICIES ARE CLEARLY SET OUT BEFORE YOU BOOK, BY BOOKING, YOU ARE ACCEPTING THE CANCELLATION TERMS. (The reason we can keep out prices low is because we don’t offer flexible bookings.  Accommodation that offers flexible booking tends to be more expensive.)


  • Travel Insurance: Travel insurance is strongly recommended for your trip to the Islands!! Sometimes our ferries and planes get weather bound or can’t travel due to technical issues.   Occasionally we are subject to long power cuts here in the Islands.  These are more a Winter problem, but they have been known in Summer too!  Or maybe you have to change your plans at short notice..  These things could ruin your holiday and leave you out of pocket.. And as we have to stick to the cancellation policy for your booking, travel insurance could offer you peace of mind for the financial side of things.  In the event of cancellation by us, our liability shall be limited to the return in full the monies paid for booking our hut.


  • The named booker must stay at the accommodation throughout the stay and is solely responsible for the whole party while you stay and use our facilities including the hot tub.


  •  No more than the stated number may stay at our property and use our facilities.


  • Loss of service: Power cuts, interruption to water supply and internet does happen in these rural islands.  This is out-with our control.  IsleBebytheSea takes no responsibility for loss of service.


  • Please inform us of any loss of service as soon as possible and we will contact the appropriate provider to try to find out what is happening, if we can do something ourselves to resolve the situation, we will.


  • Your hut is equipped with emergency lighting (the torch plugged in, and battery lanterns under the bed.)  The mains smoke detector has a battery back up.


  • You are staying in a timber building, so smoking, candles or flames are not allowed for safety reasons:  Smoking / Fire: No smoking is permitted in IsleBebytheSea or within the property boundary.  No naked flames / candles are allowed in the property.  The firepit should only be used on the gravel base provided on the guest lawn, which is a safe distance from the property and only used in safe conditions, in accordance with the guidance provided in the guest manual.


  • Chinese lanterns, fireworks or bonfires (other than the bbq fire) are not permitted as they can pose a threat to property, pets, livestock and our local marine and wild life.


  • Visitors must conduct themselves so as to cause no undue noise, annoyance or disturbance to your neighbouring villagers here. We require you keep noise levels to a minimum and particularly after 9.30pm.  Loud music is not permitted as noise really travels here.  Please be extra mindful of this in the Hot Tub.


  • No pets are allowed on the property I am afraid.  It is not a suitable area.  Your hut opens on to a  working croft with animals in this and the adjoining crofts.


  • No children I am afraid.  Again, it is just not suitable for them here as we are on a working croft; we have deep open ditches, electric fencing, large animals and often have heavy machinery, so to minimise to risk to safety, we have decided on this.


  • Loss, damage or injury: IsleBebytheSea take no responsibility for loss, damage, or injury to you or incurred by any of your party or to your property. We recommend that you have adequate travel and property insurance.


  • Towels provided are for use within the property only and not for beach use. Please bring towels for this purpose.


  • Any items left behind must be claimed within four weeks of departure, after this they will be sent to the charity shop or disposed of.


  • Wheelchair Access: Unfortunately, IsleBebytheSea is currently not accessible for wheelchair users as we have 2 steps to enter the property.


  • Complaints Procedure: In the unlikely event that you wish to make a complaint you can contact us by email and we will respond. We will try to resolve any issues as soon as possible.


  •  We reserve the right to enter the property at any time to ask you to leave if the terms and conditions are being breached. This is without refunds and with immediate effect.


Please keep in mind we are just a little shepherd hut on a working croft.. Our guest reviews are fabulous and 5*, but we never set out be a 5* destination.  (And we certainly don’t charge 5* prices!) …We just like making it a bit special here, while in keeping with our lives here on the croft.

So now we have got the nitty gritty out of the way, welcome and enjoy this happy place! Every effort has been made to ensure a lovely, comfortable stay!