How to get here OLD

To give you context – The Isle of Lewis and the Isle of Harris are just the one landmass, with a main ‘spinal’ road running throughout. You can drive the whole length of Lewis and Harris, from the bottom of Harris to the top of Lewis in about 2 hours if you go straight through.

IsleBebytheSea is centrally located on the land mass, we are about 15 min drive to Stornoway, 25 min drive to the Harris border, 45 mins drive to Tarbert (Harris), 50 min drive to Uig (Lewis),40 min drive to Callanish (Lewis) and about 45 min drive to Ness (Lewis).

*Times are approximate and are just to give you an idea of access.*

This is an image of the turn off to the access track to IsleBebytheSea, taken from the North West.

This is an aerial view of IsleBebytheSea, so you can see the track to it and proximity to the shore.


IsleBebytheSea is marked on Google maps.

Or if you use the ‘What 3 Words’ app, navigate to pats.diver.ushering to find us.

From Stornoway –

Head South, on the main road from Stornoway to Harris.  At about 7 miles/ 5-10 mins out of town, you pass the fuel station, and the turn off to Uig.  Keep going. Ten seconds later, turn left into Leurbost/New Holdings.


From Harris –

Head North, on the only road from Harris to Stornoway.

As you pass into Lewis, you will go through the Villages of Aline, Ballallan, Laxay.  Then you will drive through a series of bends, followed by a dip in the road.

Immediately after, you drive up a hill passing a Doctor’s surgery on you left, about 5 seconds later there is a right turn into Leurbost/New Holdings.  Take that.

Once you have turned into Leurbost/New Holdings, follow that road for 3 miles. Don’t take any turn offs, just stick on the road.

After about 3 miles you pass a big quarry on your left. Ten seconds after that there is a sharp left turn into Ranais. Take that.

Your destination is about 40/50 seconds along that road. You go up a little hill, then over it, at the bottom, there’s a little cream cottage on the sea side, brown stables at the back, lots of trees around it, on a t junction. There is a red Royal Mail box outside.  Usually there is a little navy or silver car outside.

As you drive down the hill you might see IsleBebytheSea.  It is between the cottage and the shore, behind the trees.

Immediately before the cottage there is a sharp right, this is our croft access.  (There is a telegraph pole and more village name roads signs beside it.)


There are 2 ways to get to our Island:

 You can travel here by ferry – by foot or with your vehicle with CalMac.

CalMac sail into Stornoway in Lewis, Tarbert in Harris, Uist and Barra.

Lewis and Harris are all connected by road, Barra and Uist are connected via a car ferry.

Some routes can change according to seasons and  tides, so check out the CalMac website for up to date info, timetables, passage times and fares.

Sailings can get really busy, so advance booking are very much advised!

You can also fly into our Islands, landing in near Stornoway in Lewis, Uist (Isle of Benbecula) and Barra (the runway in Barra is on a beach, no less!)

This can be quite pricey, so if you intend to fly here, book well in advance for the best prices.

Flights are via Loganair. check routes, scheduled services and fares through this site:


Travel insurance is always recommended for your trip to the Islands!! Sometimes our ferries and planes get weather bound, occasionally we are subject to long power cuts.  These are more a Winter problem, but have been known in Summer too!