Hot Tub OLD



If you choose to book our Lay Z Spa hot tub here at IsleBebytheSea,  Prepare to relax and unwind in bliss…

This is an air filled soft tub, it is on a raised deck, nestled in a ‘secret garden’  over a footbridge beside the hut.  It looks out directly to the shore approx. 40 meters away, giving you an uninterrupted view for watching passing boats and marine life.  (We regularly have seals and eagles down there, we have also seen porpoises and otters!   The hot tub area is uncovered while you use it, so if you  prefer, you could star gaze in the evening while you soak away you stresses.  (Remember this is a dark sky area, so if you get a clear night, the stars will come out for you.)  We sometime see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) here too, if they are out, you will see them from the hot tub deck.

For your comfort, you will be supplied with a robe and slippers for use before and after the hot tub.

Terms and Conditions apply to hot tub use, and a short induction will be required before you use it. 

** Hot Tub booking is subject to availability. Please do not be offended if we have a technical issue preventing it’s use during your stay.**


Proceeding with your booking for the hot tub indicates you accept them.

CLEANING: The hot tub is chlorinated and PH managed. 

 It is emptied, cleaned and re-filled between guests.  To allow time for this, the soonest the the hot tub will be available to use, will be the evening of your first night of the stay at approx 9pm.  During your stay, the hot tub is checked daily for PH and chlorine levels. 

MAIN RULES:  No drinking alcohol at hot tub area.  No loud noise at hot tub area.  Hot Tub cannot be used after 10.30pm.  Hot tub is for use for 1 hour max at a time.

 BOOKING NOTICE:  Hot tub must be booked and paid for at least 1 week before your arrival at IsleBebytheSea.  The hot tub will not be set up if the booking is not paid by the invoice date we issue.


Preferably add as the ‘extra option’ when you book your accommodation.

 However, If you wish to add the hot tub experience to your stay later, or if you have used a booking platform, you MUST book the hot tub directly with us.   ** Please note this cannot be arranged via booking platform messengers.**

Please make your hot tub booking by emailing with your accommodation reservation name and dates. Then you will be sent an invoice to pay.  Once the invoice is settled, the hot tub is booked for you.

If you have any problems with this process, EMAIL asap to .