Private Sound Bath add on with Holistic Soul Stornoway

1 Hour
After a short guided meditation to help you relax, your therapist |Emma can begin the sound. Let the vibrations from the 7 Crystal Singing bowls and Tibetan Gong wash over you as they rebalance every cell in your body through vibration, align your Chakra energy system, release stress and leave you feeling energised, restored and more positive. The sound from the bowls will put your mind and body into a deep meditative state, allowing for pure relaxation. 
No experience required. Simply lie down, get cosy and relax. 


If you want this experience added on to your stay, message me and it will be booked for you, then you will be invoiced for the session. 


Deep Relaxation & Stay Over

What you get:
1 night stay at IsleBebytheSea –the beautiful Hebridean shepherd hut
The fridge stocked with dinner for you to reheat
Private Sound Bath for you and your companion
Private hot tub access with robes and slippers
Share the experience with a companion.
£120 each
Available Saturday into Sunday in March & April 2002 
If you would like to book, just message me here