When you come to stay with us in IsleBebytheSea, you will probably see our boat moored in the water directly infront of your accommodation.  Your waterfront here is actually sea water, known as a sea loch.  It’s called a sea loch because the sea water reaches inland. (‘Our’ water is called Loch Leurbost.)  Our location means you can sail right out to the Minch from here.  ( Here’s some geography that you probably already know.. The Minch is the stretch of water between our islands and the Scottish mainland.)

As it is sea water, it is tidal, and has lots of seaweed and sealife. (Like all sea water it feels a tiny little bit  warmer than a fresh water loch.. but not much, and it also has jellyfish come July – I’m just telling you this incase you are a cold water dipper like me…..You need to know these things..

Here is some specific Hebridean info that the tourist books probably don’t mention- Many people in our coastal villages here in the Hebrides have boats. A bit like people in urban areas might have bikes. Boats are something we learn to use and keep as a leisure activity or as part of a livelihood.  This is the reason lots of us have big trucks with towbars. We use theses move them about.

For our household it is purely a hobby.  Going out for a sail is something we might do if it is a beautiful day.

So from the comfort of you laptop/ smart phone/ whatever –  here is a Hebridean experience for you.  Let me share our last day out in our boat before it was taken into our barn for the winter:

First, my husband kayaked about 20 meters from our croft shore.  (Your accommodation is at the bottom  of our croft, down past our house, which incidentally means it has uninterrupted coastal views and a private foot path to the shore!)  He tied up his tender vessel onto the mooring, then unhooked the main boat and fired up the engine.  If he is collecting passengers such as the dogs and I, he motors around to the pier about 400meters from our croft, to pick us up. So we hop in..  I was especially keen to go as a few days before our last trip of the summer, my husband had mentioned he had seen puffins on a rocky outcrop at the mouth of our sea loch!

At this point I must mention to you a feature of sea lochs  – they usually nice and calm for water sports such as swimming and sailing.  However, the further out towards the open sea you sail, the choppier and bumpier it gets.  To people accustomed to being in sea water, this is nothing much to notice.  But to a fairweather boat tripper like myself, it felt a bit like a fairground ride.  However, as the dogs were fine with it and I was determined to see the puffins, so onward we went. Right around the rocky outcrop.  Alas I saw no puffins, and at this point the bumpy open water got too much for me and the dogs, so we headed back inland to the calm waters of the inland sea loch.. We enjoyed the scenery around the coast so much, before we knew it, we had been out for hours. It was approaching dinner time for the dogs and us, and my belly was starting to rumble.. So we headed for home.

I have attached some photos I took on this trip, so you get an idea of how a Hebridean village looks from the sea. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed snapping them.

If you are inspired to see these coastal scenes for yourself, do come and stay on our gorgeous little shepherd hut for 2 guests. Ramp up the luxury and book our hot tub – then watch the boats passing out to sea as you soak in bliss.

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For local boat trips exploring our island coasts, check out the companies listed below.  Our accommodation is centrally located on the landmass that is Isle of Lewis and the Isle of Harris, infact you are in Harris once you drive 25 mins from here. But allow yourself at least 45/50 mins to Tarbert, or 90mins for Scalpay. Or longer if it is your first time driving here.


This company is based in Stornoway, about a 15 / 20 min drive away –

https://www.stornowayseafari.com (This company offers trips around this area)


Here is one based in Uig Lewis, about a 50 min drive away:

https://www.seatrek.co.uk (This company offers trips to uninhabited islands)

https://seaharris.com (This company offers landing trips to St Kilda)

https://www.eileanglasmarineltd.com (This company offers trips to the Shiant lsles)


Enjoy! And hope to see you soon!

Ann @ IsleBebytheSea

(and Ollie – our watersporting Boarder Collie in his dog life jacket x)


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